Who’s who: Dracula between Vlad the Impaler & Bram Stoker’s Vampire Count
You find out!
A Terrific Adventure Trip …
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Transylvania, Brasov, Romania

Do you want to find the truth , and nothing but the truth, about Vlad the Impaler and Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula?


Day 1: In the safety of Bucharest
Day 2: The Historic Dracula: Prince Vlad The Impaler (Snagov Island – Targoviste – Poenari Fortress)
Day 3: Welcome to Transylvania! (Oratia Fortress – Bran Castle – Brasov)
Special moments: Dracula in love! (Brasov, The Schei Gate)
Day 4: The Mythology of Vampire: (Brasov – Rupea Fortress – Sighisoara)
Special moments: Witches Trial – Sighisoara Fortress
Day 5: Bram Stoker’s Steps: Vampire Count Dracula! (Sighisoara – Targu Mures – Bistrita – Borgo Pass)
Special moments: Check the animal conditions at Targu Mures Zoo!
Jonathan Harker’s Lunch at Golden Crown (Bistrita)
A magic ritual at Dracula’s Castle – Borgo Pass
Day 6: The Hot Day! (Borgo Pass – Sighisoara – Fagaras Fortress)
Special moments: Vampire hunting! Reality show
Day 7: The Soft Day! (Fagaras Fortress – Trasfagarasan Road – Bucharest)