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Count Dracula vs. Vlad the Impaler “A Mistery of Transylvania”

Who is in fact the famous vampire Dracula? Is he the count of Bram Stoker’s novel or the Romanian voivode, Vlad Tepes? Or maybe they are just the same character?! This is one of the Transylvanian’s misteries…

We are waiting for you to come to Romania to solve the mystery by yourselves. Till then here there are few clues discovered by our newspaper:

In one of Bram Stoker’s notes from 1890, the title of the novel appears as ‘Count Vampire’. So nothing about Dracula at that time.

During the same year’s summer, the writer takes the book ‘An Account of the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia’ (1820) by William Wilkinson from the Whitby Public Library. Here is where he meets Vlad Tepes’ name Dracula.

He decides to change the name of the novel as in Wallachian language ‘Dracula’ means ‘devil’.

Vlad Tepes was the first victim of mass media! Saxon cronicles excessively vampirized him because he impaled many German merchants as they used to not pay their debts.

For the Romanian, Vlad Tepes stayed as a cruel but fair leader!